Vimalanriias is an astrological research institute established by Dr. Vimalan.

Dr. Vimalan, the Founder of Vimalan Research Institute of Indian Astrological Science (vimalanriias) is a proven educationist in the field of Indian Astrological Sciences.
Being an educationist, he has vast experience in teaching various branches of Indian Astrological Science.  He continues to guide astrology graduates involved in astrological research to prove different astrological theories with real-time case studies of horoscopes and thereby proving the influence of planetary combinations and their influence in the life of mankind.
  • Offer online and offline astrology consultation.
  • The goal of vimalanriias is to educate and impart state-of-art astrology education, thereby creating astrologers who deliver responsible astrological consultation in a scientific manner.
  • Offer state-of-art astrology education via certificate courses and other degree programs.
  • Astrology education for students at vimalanriias does not end with the course.  We entertain frequent meets and discussions to thereby enhance the consulting skills of our member astrologers to suit changing trends and life styles of the current era.
  • We have strategic research programs in place for which we are of course seeking sponsors in the long run!
  • Publish weekly e-newsletters and journals about different astrological parameters that are essential to deal with real time astrological consultation
  • Develop on “Kalam” the print journal in circulation from www.astrologytaga.com.
  • Initiate astrology webinars and conferences online, thereby promoting astrological skills on the go beyond the  restrictions of the busy life styles of our member astrologers